Sunday, April 09, 2006

More Plants and ANGER!

I have so many new plants!
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Two mint plants that have been here a while, two banzai plants (im not sure what they are, but i think one of them is Mytle) some moss, a living stone, an aloe, a hanging basket of Bridal Veils, and two ptoato plants.
Exciting! But I am running out of room for them...that's the only downside.
Oh, except that through my professor's infinite wisdom, a great many of my plants are infested. He thought it would be good to bring a plate full of soil from his yard and dump water on it - to demonstrate how it was contanimated.
Now there are bugs all over the green house. I have grubs in a few of the pots - Im told that they are called Fungus Gnats, and I found an aphid on one of my potatoes today.
Im told that the best way to kill fungus gnats is to put chunks of potatoes in them, that's why the pots have chunks in them. Apparently the larva will crawl inside them and die.
Here's to hopin!


Frogstar said...

I have a spider plant at home named Bob that I got when I was 12 or so because I had no friends. He is still alive despite the fact that most summers I forget to water him.

Little Max said...

Snake plants are cactus-like, and can survive some really intense conditions.
If you were to cut off one of its psuedo-stems and jam it in some soil, it would start growing and you could have another Bob.
Bob jr.

Mylz said...

2, then 4, then 8, then 16..... you could make an entire family tree of spider plants! (OMG :O)