Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Weather Under (the mason-dixon line)

You can see the music I am listening to, and see what I have been listening to. It's not very surprising if you've met me.

I got Spore for Christmas (Thanks, Grandma!), and I adore it. However, Claire has really taken to the game and has used my account to create all sorts of bizarre wonders. Take a gander. The Moa Kuus are mine, everything else is hers.

Winter in Virginia is an odd experience. Around late October and through November, it was genuinely cold -- and getting colder! I fully expected to get a little bit of snow come December.

Instead, it just got very, very wet. It sometimes rains for days on end. The temperature also fluctuates greatly. Before Christmas (and I mean, a few days before Christmas) it was 70ºF outside.

In reality: Virginia Winter == Michigan Late Fall/Late Spring.

We've only had one or two frosts here, and they weren't very severe at all. Everything still smells wet and alive. I think the flowers have only died back out of habit or a feeling of obligation.

I'm told that it will get worse come Inauguration time, but honestly I can't imagine it could be bad at all.

It's 39º out right now. It's 28º back in Troy, Mi. In Reykjavik Iceland, it's 34º. Has the whole world gone mad?

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