Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Last night just did not happen in terms of the Blog - my apologies! I did, however, write a pretty awesome paper, so I think it's a worthy tradeoff.



Oberon said...

.....i did a paper jail.....a non-existant wind blew a sheet of my top flipped around twice and back again on the way down.....and landed......get this.....on the top edge.....balanced!......standing up straight as an arrow.....not in a million years could this happen....but it did.....and it stayed like that.....would not fall....i stared at it for five minutes.....waiting for it to fall....all the a crowded jail.....nobody came by....nobody to see but's all you know.

Phillip said...

Inquiry: I have heard rumors that you will be in Indiana sometime in the near future. Is there truth in this?

jamie said...

I'm waiting for a post on the stylish and coordinated method you use for flipping a spatula. (By the way, I'm quite sure your hypothetical baby could adapt to whatever gravity he was exposed to. Shampoo bottle flipping has got to be a learned behavior, not an innate skill. If you moved to another planet now, however, your shampoo bottle would most certainly fly out of your reach and come crashing down on your head. Or maybe someone else's head, depending on the planet's gravity and the presence of other life forms.)