Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The New Arrivals

I'd like you all to meet the two new members of my happy family!
These two fine specimens of the plant world are part of my Practical Botany (Bio 102) class. The tall, lanky looking one is Wandering Jew, and the one with violent red blood stains on puke-green leaves is Coleus. Their names are Heywood (after everyone's favorite Jew, Woody Allen), and Natalie (after Natalie Cole, daughter of Nat Cole).
Say 'Hi!' everyone!

The plants are actually part of an ongoing project. At a point in the future, some poor shmuch from my botany class is going to have to come down here and write a paper on how my plants are doing. Poor fella, he'll never see it coming.
Im kind of digging this idea of having plants around, it definitely makes the place look nicer.
The Dr. TV bittorrent failed today. Hopefully success in the future.

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