Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ink Monsters - A Preview!

These are some THINGS I have been working on for the Gargoyle, which should be done by the end of this weekend. Right now they are, as Kris calls them, "LOLHUUUUUUGE." So, just wait a while and I will have much smaller, better looking ones.
The idea for these lil' guys is to be imp creatures that are tearing around our fair magazine, making a mess of it. Pulling up letters, laying over articles and the like.
Im not really sure where the idea came from, possibly from my memories of old Mad Magazines. But the idea was put into reality when I was poking around the Gargoyle office. Usually, this is a dangerous thing to do. You are equally as likely to find some amazing artifact as you are to contract typhus. However, this search did not end up with me bleeding. In the ancient and long disused art desk I discovered several pens and bottles of India ink. Further digging yielded an ink well, and I was off and running.

Here they are!


froggy said...

awesome. awesome stuff. i bow down to thee.

Kris said...