Monday, January 16, 2006

Are You Experienced?

Q: What could be better than a live techno concert in my very own apartment?
A: Watching Justin fall in love with an anthropomorphic kettle.

See the video here.


Mylz said...

Is that Obsidian on the Mixer-Thingatronomatic 2000? I cant tell, you know, never seen him. And what is that thing the guy's using?

-Mylz t3h 1337 dud3 u83r pwnz0rz f0 sh1zz13 h4x0r!

Little Max said...

Yessiree that's Obsidian. He's actually using the name Solikon now. I'll link his website on the main page when I get around to it.
The instrument he is using is an Electribe MX, though thats a pretty high-end professional machine.

Mylz said...

I see

Anonymous said...

Jason is a very very odd kid.

Anonymous said...