Friday, December 29, 2006

Real Quick, Guys

Here's a real fast update from your embedded reporter out here in the great state of Indiana.

Right now, I feel like a zepplin in hot pants. All the eating that has ensued over the past couple of days has swelled my mid section. One would have thought - or rather, ardently hoped that tall the Wii-ing would have counter-acted this situation.
Sadly, this is not the case. I think I am going to have to do some push-ups, or something, as soon as I get back to Ann Arbor.

The Wii is pretty fantastic, I will be honest. I have mostly been playing Wii-sports, but the Zelda game is also great and I cannot wait to explore the other possibilities. Im with my cousin Phil, the P-Man himself, and his homie Brain along with Phil's main squeeze Susie-poo. I mention this because we were in the Midst of a Wii-party, until me and Suse left for food and the guys tried to connect the Wii to the internet.
This was a mistake. The Wii has been doing some kind of software update for the better part of two hours.
Another note about the Wii. It has the ability to bring people who are completely un-interested in gaming into a video game. My cousin Paul, and his brother Matthew (who is also my cousin) played a great amount of Wii themselves in the past few days. This is surprising to say the least. Kudos, Nintendo!

Im trucking back to MI tomorrow. Hopefully, on the early side of the day.

Lots more to say, but it will all become a non-sensical babble.
Oh! We passed 100 posts to this blog not long ago! Hoo-ray! I did not think that I would maintain a continued interest in this whole blogging thing when I began all this!

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