Friday, June 20, 2008

Web Finds

The Web-Log, become "Blog," was originally a very literal invention. It was a log (record) of what the author had found on the internet (web). That was a while ago, and it has since evolved to mean many things.

So, back to roots blogging:

From DCist

The original design of the District of Columbia called for the creation of villages for all fifty states. These would be settled by residents of said states, creating a sort of Palace of Versais/Galactic Council system. Too bad it never went anywhere.
However, it's probably for the best. I imagine the wealthier states investing millions in their villages, making it a tacky Disney-Land type affair. "Hello, 'Y'all!' I am a real-life resident of 'Tex-has!' In my state, people dress in 'cow-boy hats!'"

And what of the blander, less stereotyped states?
"Hello, I am from Michigan. Welcome to Michigan Land. Step this way for the 'Rust to Agriculture: A State's Spectrum' log ride."

Olde Timey 3-D

Back in the day, when Zoetropes were cutting edge special effects, entertainment was a simpler thing. People enjoyed "Stereograms," which were two offset photographs that appeared 3D when viewed through special glasses. These have been revived as 2-frame GIFs. The images are flashed very quickly, creating the illusion of three dimensions.

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