Monday, July 03, 2006

Mini Georgia Update

It was another jam-packed day in Atlanta! I have a bit of down time to catch up on emails and all that useless stuff, so hopefully I will be able to get my pictures organized and uploaded. For the time being here is a video of WHALE SHARKS!


Sarah said...

I'm jealous!

Little Max said...

But you get to see stuff in the wild. I am jealous of you!
I also have pictures of strange frogs that we encountered that I simply must send to you!

Sarah said...

its true! you must send me such pictures! Did you see them outdoors or in a zoo? I can probably id them for you if they are north american species.

Little Max said...

I am still trying to make sense of the pictures that I took. We saw
the crazy frogs at the Atlanta botanical gardens. Here, they let the
poison dart frogs run loose. It was scary!
The other frog pictures I have are mostly strange tadpoles, I think. I
am still sorting, I will let you know!

Mylz said...

Heh. The only interesting thing you'll see here is a black squirrel, a baby rabbit, or (if you're lucky) a dear that at least ONE parent dislikes because it's eating the flowers.
I also have a video on dancing stuffed penguins. I'll post it as a nature documentery somewhere...

Anonymous said...

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