Monday, May 22, 2006


Last year it didn't work but, ladies and gentleman, this is the year that I go to Lollapalooza!
I am so certain of this that I have already purchased the ticket!
Are you excited? Oh lord, yes, I am!
The venue is running from August 4-6th at Grant Park in Chicago.
I will admit that a lot of this has to do with seeing Wilco on my birthday - how self-indulgent can you get? - but there are a lot of other really exciting acts that I am hoping to see during the three day festival.
As of right now, I will be traveling with my ol' friend Nathan Judge and staying with the legendary Keith Roshangar. If we are lucky, Keith will treat us to his world-famous acapella Cure covers! Sadly, Mr. Kim Deal Roshangar will be unable to join us for the concerts themselves, but I hope to rock hardcore around the great city of Chicago with him as our guide.
I am also eagerly hoping that C.K. Trull and Michael "Hyatt Michaels" Hyatt will be joinging us as well, the more the merrier. Anyone else interested in coming? Tickets are pretty cheap right now, but going up all the time!

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