Friday, January 18, 2008

A Journey

Sometimes I forget that the primary purpose of this blog is to reassure the world that I am, in fact, still alive.

I am mere moments away from climbing aboard Bucephalus and embarking on a journey westward, to the quaint village of Chicago Town. Claire has arranged tickets for me to see an opera featuring Rene Flemming (sic), and so the journey begins.

1. The Gargoyle is done! Issue four is ahead!

2. My classes have all met at least twice now and things seem alright. Sure, I have complaints, but it's not going to be too painful a semester.

3. It's lunch time!

So I had better eat.

More upon my return!


Julie said...

you've been at lunch a long time

Barb said...

Renee Fleming is Jan Wagner's fave. How about a few specifics: what are the names, or general areas of study, of the classes you are taking. Remember, this may be the last time anyone asks you that question.