Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Announcing the Nobel Prize for Awesome!


After taking Claire out to see popular film Borat this evening, the winners were finalized!

First and foremost, thank you everyone for participating. It was a lot of fun for me, especially since I figured that no one would enter at all!

And let me say again that it was not at all easy to make this call. I have agonized over it for several days (in between agonizing over homework things) but they're playing my song and I have to face the music.

Now, here's the entrants.

Each was fantastic in its own way. But at the end of the day, the winner is:


Phillip chose a solid route with Laura Croft, but was able to present it in a truly unique way. Not only that, his well-worded witicisms pushed him over the edge and into the winner's circle. Sir, we salute you.

Phillip will receive his choice of grand prize! Either a Viking Stikfas action figure, or a bead and wire maze.

The four runners up are listed below, in no particular order.

1. Rob Eddy's "Claire Chicago : Girl of Danger" - With his first entry, Rob was a heavy contender and cinched it with his second. Rob, I am having a beauty mark attached as soon as I can.

2. Mary Everett's "Ah - ROMA!" - A latecomer, but surely a strong one. Combining elements of fast food and classical archaeology, Mary's work reveals the true great divider: the shovel

3. Julie Gillikin's "Max & Lady" - The first entrant to the contest set the bar very, very high. She brings the funk with some serious ol' skool flava.

4. Barbara Ratner's "Maxine" - In what I think to be Post-Modernism, Barbara's submission stood on it's own as something truly awesome.

And in a stunning upset the two Eddy Children will receive special "Judge's Choice" awards. These two broke away from the competition and captured the true essence of the competition. Miles created the only 100% computer-generated submission, in the true tradition of his brother, with MS-Paint. Julia's was the only completely hand-drawn real media submission, setting her (like her brother) into a separate category. Kudos, you two! Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

The Runners up will receive an Ikea rat and octopus - ADORABLE!
In addition to that, the two Judges Choice winners will receive special judges choice awards!

Thank you all for participating! The next contest will involve Allen Ginsberg and Norm Abrams in someway!

Stay tuned for pictures of the REAL Claire come Wednesday!


Barb said...

Yeah, but the LaraClaire Croft creature wrought an awful transformation to Max's left arm. That's a peg-arm. Scratch your head with THAT, Maxoid

Grumble, grumble...

How is Claire at finding keys and glasses amid strata of breakfast and newspapers?

Little Max said...

Are you threatening to bury my lady beneath layers of dining table detritis?