Saturday, September 09, 2006

So, moving in was no real hassle at all. True, there are a million stairs in this place, and all of my boxes were outlandishly heavy but nothing was damaged in the move.
And then I started classes.

So, you might be wondering then, where have I been. I know you all are. I know everyone one of you hang on my every dang word and that you poop yourselves in terror every time I disappear for a few days.
No, I know I am living a lie - well, more like living a dream, really. Someday, I hope to BE a Fandom.


The first thing we noticed when we moved in was the lack of internet. It would take several days - nearly a week - to get this rectified. And even after we had all the necessary ambiguous black boxes (with esoteric lights) installed in the house, it took us a further two days to get access to said internets, and to get the wireless router working.
Such is life!

It would be an exaggeration to say that we had no internet. We owe a great debt of gratitude to the unsecured wireless network "[expletive deleted] Clown."
So I am back on the internets, and I will be back to the important task of wasting my time with blogs. Hurrah!

Now, maybe I should consider doing some of the 100+ pages of reading. Three days in and I am already behind in class - YES!

Steve Irwin was a pretty awesome dude.

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Barb said...

Yeah, the manner of death leaves one wondering about that giant stingray in the sky...and why he was so cranky at just that moment. Also, of course, it recalled DNA. Scuba diving, barrier reef, rays, untimely death.
Glad you're back on line. Does this mean I have to resend the Youtube video of Funtwo?
Name your classes, quick.