Saturday, June 17, 2006

Atlanta Plans

Here are my plans, such as they are, for my sojurn to Atlanta.

 - Friday, June 30th - 
12:58 - Leave for Atlanta
8pm - Screening of popular samurai move, "KILL!"

 - Saturday, July 1 -
2pm - Burn city, continue Sherman's March to the Sea

 - Sunday July 2 - 
Noon - Whalesharks!
1pm - Behind the scenes aquarium tour!

 - Monday July 3 - 
6pm - Participate in the annual Black Widow Eating contest

 - Tuesday July 4 - 
4:22pm - Get on plane bound for home
4:23 - Realize im on the wrong plane
4:26 - Realize this plane is bound for Hawaii
4:30 - Sleep, quit job.


Aunt Julie said...

On July 1st, don't forget to dismantle the railroads. And, have fun!

Little Max said...

Oh man, I almost forgot! Thanks, Julie!

Anonymous said...

Be sure no food in any of multiple pockets for whaleshark/landshark visiting. wish i could be there. Look out for Ira in the surf. xoxox la mare