Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Back In The Penthouse

Well, I'm back in Ann Arbor midway up a large building near a road.
Its a little on the lonely side here, but its still dang comfy. Can't say I missed it all that much, but still.
It should be noted that this is the first time, at least in my short stay in Ann Arbor, that I have seen so many parking spaces. Huzzah!
I think I'd like a pet of some kind. My lovely plants will have to do for now.


Sarah said...

Max, I'm confused. Did you move or something? Or is it just spring break and no one is around? I feel I missed out on some event in your life... I'm not really in the family loop so you have to fill me in, yo!

If you want a pet I recommend cats. There are two fat cats down here that are looking for homes. One is black and white and the other hides under the bed all the time so I never have seen it. So you should come visit me in Florida and get a pet!

Little Max said...

I do want to visit you!
However, everyplace I have lived at is no pets, sadly enough.
No, I ain't movin' or nothin. Im just on Spring Break and shuttlecockin' to and fro between Ann Arbor and Troy.
Did you ever get settled down southward?

Sarah said...

I'm about to get settled. I'm signing a lease this saturday! I'm excited to have my own place and finally unpack!

You should visit! I'm not in the most exciting area in the world. In fact, its pretty redneck. It appears the area's claim to fame is that britney spears lives somewhere down here. Now isn't that exciting...