Saturday, March 20, 2010

Awesome Falls

Right now, Keith is driving his Volvo and playing music at outrageous volumes. All the windows are down. This is a truly unique way to experience music. It's visceral and sensual in that I can actually feel the sounds.

We're on our way back from Great Falls, VA which (believe it or not) contains some very literal great falls. I was completely ignorant of their existence until Cathy visited me a few weeks ago and went out that way herself. Like the good copycat I am, I gladly agreed when Keith suggested we go out there ourselves.

Once we got near the entrance of the park, I was surprised to see cars backed up all the way on to the street. We stayed in that line for nearly an hour, or however long the last half of "Come On Pilgrim" and all of "Demon Days" run for.

It's the first gorgeous day in Virginia: high 70s, clear sky, lots of sun. It was one of the rare times in any weather that I ventured outside without a hat or layers of shirts.

It took us a few minutes to get our bearings, but in no time at all we were beholding the falls in all their greatness.

As soon as we were finished taking in the "best view" of the falls, we chose a trail and started scrabbling across the rocky cliffs like a pair of billygoat tourists.

Location:Virginia 7,Falls Church,United States

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