Friday, August 21, 2009

Volvo Meatballs

Sorry to say it's still not quite time to talk about Tacoma. Funny how these things happen.

But who cares?! I'm leaving for Sweden tomorrow! Claire and I will reprise our roles as Sojourners to Scandinavia as we did two years ago in Iceland.

This will be my first time in mainland Europe, and as excited as I am (AND I AM), it does make me long for the lonely mountains and sky to sea horizons of Iceland.

But no matter. It's off to Chicago and then to Stockholm -- which I am told is the Venice of Scandinavia. The city is an archipelago, navigated by ferries and small boats. We'll spend most of our time exploring the city and its many islands, aside from a brief trip over to Uppsala. You know, just to be in Uppsala.

I won't be able to do much iPhoning (noooo!), and my WiFi is a mystery. I'll try my best to keep in touch, and am committed to sending postcards while I am there.

For fun, take a look at some of the distances involved with the trip. This will be the furthest I have ever been from home.

View Sweden Trip! in a larger map

I'm leavin' tomorrow after a half day at work. So long, for now!

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Jamie said...

Max! Have an amazing time! You really get some nice opportunities, you know? Hope you can keep us posted or at least give us details and photos when you get back. I'm envious!