Sunday, March 26, 2006

What Exactly Are You Up To, Mr. Eddy?

Im not really doing much - all in all. My life ain't one bit a laugh a minute riot or a series of whirlwind adventures.The big things going down is the Gargoyle and the normal rush for classes late in the year.

In terms of classes I have another big paper for Sci-Fi due soon, and a presentation/paper for my crappy poetry class about the same time. For Poetry I choose a poem about a man who staggers out drunk from his own party and vomits on an apple tree, then his dog pukes on his puke, and then he goes inside. ZOUNDS!! I think I'll co-op some of what Prof. Rabkin (Sci-Fi) had to say about Eden symbols, throw in some stuff about purification and BAM! that's a paper.
And in Botany I am working on a presentation about Bananas. Huzzah. The lab for that class is so much more intersting than the subsiquent(sic) 3hrs of Discussion/Lecture. Ah well. Such is life.

Regarding the Gargoyle, there is a lot going on. The big news is that I will be the Editor in Chief next year, hopefully I will do well. I've learned an awful lot this year, but I am still really nervous of actually being in charge of the magazine. Wish me luck.
Because of this asscention(probably also SIC) I've spent a good deal of the last few days working out the Budget for the magazine. Cut out a lot of stuff - but we shouldn't feel any kind of squeeze.

Anyway, let us round things off by checking if this three year old picture of Phil Spector is still funny:

Yep, still good.


froggy said...

i can definitely see you as editor next year, and i'm confident that you will be awesome at it.

knm said...

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2 tablespoon sugar (or molasses)
1/2 cup vegetable oil
3 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon dry baking yeast
about 7 1/2 cups flour

knm said...

and another recipe....
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